an architect's career (from the beginning)

I have intended to blog for quite some time. I have even managed to blog somewhat consistently in the past on different websites I had maintained. Well this time, dammit, is going to be different. 

I have been reading a number of Architecture related blogs for a while (personal favorite Bob Borson's "Life of an Architect" and Jody Brown's Coffee with an Architect to name a few) and have really enjoyed how insightful and inspiring their posts can be. Often, I find myself thinking how refreshing it is to see people who are established within the Architectural community share the lessons, hardships and joys of the profession and their lives as they relate to it. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how exciting and interesting my young career has become and how maybe I had something to offer that several of these more established Architectural bloggers did not... namely, the benefit of being a complete novice. I am a relatively recent graduate (class of 2009) who is working for a mid-sized firm in the New Jersey/New York area. I have recently taken (and passed, unbelievably) my first of the seven parts of the Architectural Licensing Exam. I currently find myself in the fortunate position of being in a firm that is quite busy with interesting work and of being lucky enough to be taking on a larger and larger share of the responsibilities of that work nearly every day. Maybe, just maybe, I can offer a window into what starting out in this industry is like in real time. Part of what has made Bob Borson's blog a favorite of mine is how he constantly relates the daily lessons that he learns, and that even as a mid-career Architect he is not ashamed to admit that he is learning new lessons all the time. As one of the youngest employees at my office (who lately has found himself attempting to explain to much more seasoned architects why a certain design should be done a certain way) I can honestly say that every day is full of valuable learning experiences. Here's to hoping that this undertaking can help me relate, retain and learn from these experiences and with a little luck I will be able to chronicle one particular Architectural career as it begins.